This Dog got abandoned from his family! The reason will shock you!

This Dog got abandoned from his family! The reason will shock you!
written by : Maky



What do you see when you look at this picture? Loneliness, sadness… it just feels through this picture.The Dog you see in this picture is a beautiful German shepherd female, very lovely dog and loyal , who brought happiness to her family. She was very gentle dog and loyal to her family , never aggresive. She just needed love and care from her family but..
Her family broke her heart into pieces , giving up on her. does she really deserve that?  This picture is showing her hope , that they will come back to her and take her home again. The reason that they give up on her couldn’t be more insensitive… They said that they

If you really love your Dog, would you leave him just like that? This reason is simply banal! This kind of people think that they can
experiment and play with dogs. Dogs are like a children ,  would you leave your child??
Doctors said that this Dog needs surgery , but she can’t have her surgery because she doesn’t have a home where she can recover. This dog  doesn’t even have a foster home.  This Dog is now living in Canada, and she is doing very well with children
and other pets, she loves cats. Unfortunately , she has recently attacked by a dog, she needs to be at safer place… where is no other dogs. This dog doesn’t deserve people like her family was. She needs a family where she will be happy , where her family will
care about her and love her, not just simply leave her!

Don’t be that kind of people , remember that your Dog will always love you and care about you , just gave him same or even more!
Your Dog is your best friend.

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