2020 has been a horrible year for everyone so far. However, you can’t deny that it has driven us to create some amazing online trends. One of these trends was #VogueChallenge. In this challenge, people had to edit their pictures to look like a cover photo of Vogue magazine. However, animal lovers didn’t get enough form this, and they made their dogs cover photos for Dogue!

Then, the Dogue thing went real and viral. The results of the trend were hilarious and adorable, and some dogs were very stylish.

The challenge reached many social media pages on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, it went viral and it even got its own page Dogue that was made by two Polish dog lovers. Scroll down to the loveliest and most hilarious trend ever!

Vogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-Challenge51 'Dogue' Covers That Are The Perfect Combination Of Fashion And CutenessVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-ChallengeVogue-Cover-Pets-Challenge