These Golden Retrievers would be a great example in the future of sleepy-heads as they are using each other as pillows when they are sleeping. However, let them lie, it doesn’t hurt to capture photos and record them as they do.

These three Golden Retriever Siblings Riggs, Bodie, and Charlie are sleeping lovers. Charlie is the oldest one who aged 4 years old, Bodie is almost 3 and Riggs is just 2 months old. They have a unique trait that is using each other as pillows when they nap.

Golden Retrievers are famous for being smart, extremely friendly, and good-natured, but not for being lazy. With all proofs, Bodie seems the best advocate for turning his brothers into pillows. However, his brothers borrowed his adorable habit from him though.

However, we need to know that dogs are not sleeping with each other for us to see them cute and take some pictures. They are pack animals, they tend to be close to each other to keep themselves safe and warm.

Yet they don’t just nap all day long, they have other sorts of problems all the time. Check out their heartwarming photo album that will surprise you in a nice way!


They sometimes use human pillows too