5 Must-Have Bulldog Supplies For Your Puppy 

Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness and tenacity. These traits were important to breeders who wanted bullfighting dogs in the past. This is how they got their name “Bulldog”. Despite maintaining these traits over the years, bulldogs make amazing pets. If you have a new bulldog puppy, there are a few must-have supplies.

A Collar 

Your new bulldog pup needs exercise. Walking with him is one way to do it. The pup can also learn to socialize and master leash-walking manners. You will need to get a collar and a sturdy leash. You can get a stylish collar with adornments. Most come with an identification tag to contain the dog’s name and your contact details. 

Dog Bed 

New puppies may need to use a crate at night while they are being trained. However, you still need to get the pup a dog bed. During the day, the pup can spend time on the bed. They can use it as a place to visit when they need breaks.

Before choosing a dog bed, be sure to consider the breed. Some pups can outgrow their beds and others are more likely to chew on them. A bed made from durable material should be able to withstand chewing. 

Puppy Toys 

Puppies also need mental stimulation along with exercise. One way to do this is to get them toys. It could help with the training and also promotes play and interaction with the puppy. Before buying a toy, you should consider a few factors such as the size and the type of toy.

For pups, you need a smaller toy specifically for puppies. Puzzle toys and treat toys are also exciting for puppies and keep them entertained. When you have the toys, spend time daily playing with your pup to build your bond. 

Dog Food 

Today, we are more aware of the kind of food we eat. This should be applied to your puppy as well. You should consider feeding your pup with suitable and rich means to help them grow strong and healthy. Puppies need lots of nutrition to grow healthy. Imbalanced diets could cause upset tummies and more expenses when you visit the veterinarian. It is best to talk to your vet about the best food option for the puppy.

Find out about the specific needs of your dog’s breed. Vets can also recommend some formulas and advise you about how to feed the puppy. 

Cleaning Products 

Cleaning products may be abrasive to pets and this can result in dry and cracked skin. If you notice that your pet is reacting badly to any cleaning product, you should change it immediately. It could be a full coat or cracked skin that is susceptible to injury. Try to avoid buying products with lots of chemicals. Swap them out for organic and natural alternatives.

Natural skin care products for dogs often have fewer irritants. Some puppies may not be able to use all types of products, so read the label before choosing one. Do some research about harmful ingredients and avoid them when searching for cleaning supplies.

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