5 Reasons To Get A Dog For Your Kid


5 Reasons To Get A Dog For Your Kid

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Your Kid longingly looks at each dog on the street, but you’re really not sure whether your family needs a dog or not? OK, read this article and then you can decide.

Dogs can become best friends and supporters for kids. Moreover, having a dog means that your kid will be constantly busy, playing with the dog.

But what it will mean for you? For you having a dog means waking up early, walking in any weather, eaten shoes, no normal holidays, and additional expenses.

Or maybe you like dogs and don’t mind to get one, but you think that your kid is not ready to take this responsibility. You know that words ” i will take care of him by myself” mean that at the end you will be the one, who is taking care of the dog.

Reason 1: dogs teach kids to love and care about others

Dogs can express their love better than other animals. Dogs love selflessly and sincerely, not because the owner is handsome,clever, successful or rich. They love us simply because we are their owners. That’s all. Dogs are infinitely happy when we are around and grieve when we leave.

They are able to express their feelings and devotion without even one word. Don’t you think that such example is better than any story  and moral you can tell the kid?

Reason 2: dogs can teach discipline

Whether you like it or not, but dogs influence our time and schedule. The kid will have to walk with a dog every day at the same time, which means that other things will be based on the dog’s schedule. For example, your kid will have to sleep early, because early in the morning he will go to walk with the dog. This simple schedule and rules will make a kid more balanced and calm, rarely sick.

Reason 3: dog can teach to keep everything in order

You can’t convince your kid to clean his room? Don’t worry! Few eaten toys and destroyed clothes will help him to keep books on the shelves, cars in baskets for toys and things in the closet. Just as you wanted!

Reason 4: dogs are the best defenders for children

Well trained dogs are the best defenders for you and your family. You will not be afraid to let children walk alone, as long as they are with dogs. Moreover, psychologists have proved that the best cure for night terrors is a dog. When a faithful friend is there, nothing bad can happen, and children aren’t afraid of night and dark.

Reason 5 (the last and the most important): dogs make children happy

If you get a dog, the kid will have a partner for walks and tricks, an attentive listener and just a reliable and loyal friend. He will never feel lonely, when you are busy at work, and will be just happy. Simple as it is.

Do you want your kid to be happy? Yes? OK, you know what to do!

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