What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You


What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Animals, especially dogs, have their own language of communication,which they try to use with us, their owners. If you want your dog to be happy and completely satisfied, you have to learn his language as he is trying to understand yours. Unfortunately, not all of us understand the need of learning the dog’s language. Some people just get dogs because they want to have a pet at home, not caring about their mental and physical condition.

However, if you want your dog to be your best friend, you should learn his language and way of communication.


Attentively watching the eyes of dogs, we can easily  understand their mood and even predict future actions. It’s normal when dogs avoid eye contact, because direct look in eyes represents threat in the dog’s world. If the dog doesn’t look straight in your eyes, but has a following look, you should be careful.

When dogs look askance, it means they are exhausted or in pain.


Every sound, which dogs make, means something. Adult dogs have 4 sounds and ways of talking with you. Growl means threat, squeal – vivid emotional experience, might be pain or joy,barking – attracting attention, and  whining expresses subordinate role in the pack.


Ears of dogs can show all the range of emotions and senses. When dogs are calm and have a rest, their ears almost don’t move. In case of danger,ears stand upright and lean slightly forward. Ears, leaning slightly back, are a sign of a friendly and kind mood.


Almost all non-verbal communications of dogs are done with the help of a tail. Many people believe that a wagging tail means happiness or joy, but that’s not completely true. We also can smile, but without any pleasure or happiness. The same is for dog’s tails.

Pulling the leash

Most dogs, especially young ones, behave in a certain way during walking. In the first few minutes of walking,  they usually rush forward, strongly pulling the leash. Don’t worry, they are not trying to run away or show leadership skills. Trying to stay ahead, dogs think they are like scouts, who are always ready to warn the pack about danger.


Do not be afraid of dogs howling. Howling, dogs will not turn into werewolves and eat you. In fact, with the use of howling dogs try to find other dogs and animals around.


Dogs can look so focused, without any moving. This posture says that there is something unusual for the dog, and he explores it, not knowing either its a dangerous object or not.


Even the dog’s body can show his current mood. Frightened dogs try to be as small as possible. A tail, pressed between paws, and small steps show that the dog is on the verge of escape and will run away any minute.

At the same time, confident staying on all 4 paws, protruding chest and raised head visually increase the dog’s body. This position shows readiness to defend the owner from enemies.

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