Many people like to keep dogs in at their houses since these beautiful creatures are associated with sociability and security when they area around us. Rearing a dog, however, is not a simple process for every pup lover. It requires commitment and passion to bring up a puppy or a newly adopted dog to become the perfect pet in your house. Every dog guardian should, therefore, be aware of the little wrong things that they might be doing for their canine citizen.

1. Performing the right activity at the wrong time.

The reactions you give to your pet contribute a lot to its behavior in the long run. Whenever you suspect or see your dog doing the wrong thing, the best you can do is find a way to stop it rather than giving it attention. Failure to take action can make your dog acquire undesirable traits. Attention to your dog should be offered only when it has an acceptable behavior.

2.Failure of being the leader.

It is crucial to note that your dog should emulate whatever you teach it. A pup will feel secure if you set boundaries and the extent to which it can go. You need to be committed to instilling the right behavior to ensure your dog grows to be healthy and confident.

3. Failure to keep dogs teeth clean.

Every human being brushes their teeth at least after a meal. The same preventive measures that we require to avoid teeth decay or gum disease is required for our dogs too. However, dog’s teeth can be brushed for four days a week. Failure to this, gum disease or awful smell might result.

Besides, your dog’s nails should also be trimmed depending on how fast they grow. Your dog can develop severe paw problems if the nails become too long.

4. Don’t treat your dog as a human.

Your pup requires a balanced diet and not that packed pet food. It also needs some time for a walk and get fresh air that helps in its respiratory needs. The most important thing is to mold your dog to be a disciplined canine in your house.

5. Emphasizing on the negative

The only assured way to teach and train your dog to be a well-balanced canine is through focusing on positive things. Punishing your dog for every mistake will only worsen its behavior. However, positive reinforcement is the key to a mannered dog.

6. Avoiding the kennel

Finding a kennel for your pet helps you in carrying it on different functions. Failure to taming it can be disastrous when you plan to travel to your friend’s party or keeping it in your car. Dog creates improves your dog’s manners. However, an exception should be made if it underwent traumatization sometime in its life.

Video Source : Bark Busters USA – Home Dog Training