Ever wondered whether your dog really love you? Dogs brains closely resemble that of a human brain and the part that controls emotions in humans is also present in dogs. It is easy for us to show our love to our dogs but it is not easy for a dog to show its affection towards us. Fortunately, the followings are some ways you can find out whether your dog really loves you.

If the dog goes crazy any time you get home
Maybe you have seen it before, you get home and you are eagerly welcomed by your dog with his/her tail wagging and a toy on his mouth-probably even jumping up and down. This is love at its best.
Your dog is simply showing you how much it cares in any way he/she can. He is trying to tell you how much he missed you because he loves you.

His facial expressions
A dog’s love is not all about tail wagging but all on his/her facial expression. Scientists in Japan recently found out that dogs usually lift their eyebrows every time they meet someone they truly care about. The lift was significantly lower when the dogs met a stranger.
In the same study, dogs were found to lift their left ears when they met someone they care about. If they met someone or something they dislike, they lifted their right ears. The study concluded that dogs become reserved when in the presence of a stranger or something they dislike.

The dog looks at you directly
Dog experts believe that when a dog is looking at you straight into your eyes, then he is simply giving you a hug and this is because he loves you.When a dog look at you in your eyes, Oxycontin hormone is released into his bloodstream. Oxycontin is the same hormone that mothers release that makes them closely attached to their babies. This eye contact from your dog indicates his deep love for you.
He yawns when you yawn
They say that yawning is contagious and when your friend yawns you find yourself yawning too. Dogs also experience the strong yawning sensation.

A recent scientific study revealed that humans yawn because they are empathetic in that they subconsciously sense the yawn in the people they care about. It is therefore logical to conclude that dogs yawn when you yawn because they too are empathetic.
Dogs are considered to be man’s best friends. They care and really love us but usually express their love in ways we rarely notice. If your dog does the above discussed things, the know that he really loves you from the deepest part of his heart.

Video Source :Wall Street Journal