7 Common Dog Myths About Sterilization

Dog Myths
Dog Myths

7 Common Dog Myths About Sterilization

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Dog Myths 1. After sterilization dogs become fat and lazy

Fact.Your dog will be fat, if you feed him high-calorie foods and do not give enough exercise and training.For becoming obese it is not necessary to be sterilized.

This is true that some sterilized dogs can have increased interest in food and those dogs, which have a sedentary lifestyle, can gain weight. However, what you can do in such case is to feed easier and less nutritious food. There are special feeds for sterilized dogs, which you can buy in any pet store. If you feed your dog natural food, decrease the amount of fat and serving food.

Dog Myths 2. After sterilization dogs become either more aggressive or affectionate and can’t be good security guards

There is no connection between the sterilization of dogs and their aggressiveness. The only point is that almost all owners of sterilized dogs said that their pets  have a greater desire for communication. But the operation doesn’t influence dog’s behavior in general, our lovely pets just need more attention and care.

Dog Myths  3. We are not against sterilization, but the female dog must have puppies at least once for better health

Pregnancy, the process of gestation, birth and feeding puppies are not a pleasure trip, but a very serious load on the dog’s health.

Dog Myths 4. It is inhumane to deprive dogs the joy of motherhood

Dogs are not humans, and joy of motherhood for them is a consequence of procreation instinct. Animals think and feel by different categories and they won’t worry either they have children or not.

Besides, do you think that it’s more humane to get rid of unwanted puppies , handing them to a shelter for dogs?

Dog Myths 5. Sterilization is a difficult and very dangerous operation

If you refer to a qualified veterinarian, the risk of complications during the sterilization is negligible. But if you are looking for cheaper options, all operations can lead to death, no matter if it’s sterilization or any other procedure.

Carefully choose a veterinary clinic and check references of the vet. Sterilization is a quite popular veterinary service, and you shouldn’t be afraid of any consequences.

Dog Myths 6. Instead of sterilization you can use  drugs that reduce sex drive

You should understand that such medication is hormonal and negatively influences the endocrine system.

Dog Myths 7. Sterilization of dogs is an expensive operation

This is not true. The prices of medical procedures depend on the level of a clinic and experience of a veterinarian. You can find cheap and high prices everywhere, not just facing the sterilization issues.


! As you can see, a large number of myths is generated simply because we do not know all the features of sterilization and its consequences. Nowadays, this procedure is very simple and safe for dogs.

If you understand that you are the one,who is responsible for the dog’s life, plan the operation so that the dog will live in peace and delight you every day with his health and good mood.

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