Find the Best Dog Breed For You : Tips and Advices

Dog Breed
Dog Breed

Find the Best Dog Breed For You : Tips and Advices

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Nowadays there are more than 500 Dog Breed . Accordingly, you can choose a suitable dog, if you know what qualities you want your dog to have.

Why do you need a dog? What are you going to do with the dog?

Clearly, if you plan to attend a luxurious party with a cute little Dog Breed in your arms, St. Bernard is not the best option, right?  And again, if you want to take a dog for house protection, you will definitely not choose Chihuahua Terriers (they can try to protect the house, but we don’t think that anybody can be scared of them).

In general, you should think for what purpose you need a dog and choose a breed accordingly.

Your physical abilities

Strong men can handle having big and huge dogs. But what if you are not so strong? How are you going to handle a rottweiler, if you don’t have a power to?

Besides, adult strong men often do not have enough time to deal with  dogs, because they are busy with work. And in this case brittle women and young children have to take care of a powerful and huge beasts.

Choosing a dog’s breed, think not only about yourself, but also about other family members.

Dog Breed size

Please note that some small dogs take much more place than big ones. For example, spaniels require a lot of space, because they like to play and move all the time, while bull-mastiffs are almost invisible in houses. They lay on the coach after walking and come out just to eat.

Little dogs eat less, but they are more capricious.

Quality of dog’s coat

If you enjoy dealing with dog’s wool (maybe you are a professional groomer or a hair stylist), you can choose the dog of long-haired breeds. These dogs look beautiful, spectacular and elite.

No matter, what dog you choose, there will be dog’s wool in the apartment, just face it. The only exception is hairless dogs, but these dogs require care about skin and must be lubricated with special creams.

Poodles and other curly breeds (Kerry Blue Terrier, Bedlington) leave relatively little wool in apartments.


This is the last point of our list, because we can’t say that all dogs of each specific breed have the same character and temperament. Each breed has good and evil, active and quiet, dominant and subordinate, easily trained and stubborn dogs.

We can say that dogs of each breeds have a certain tendency to behave, but every breed has exceptions as well. And who told you that you will not get this exception in a pet store?

Buying a little puppy, who is 6-10 weeks old, you can’t be sure whether he will be active, playful and sociable or not. But what you can be sure about is that if you constantly train your dog, he will become that type of dog you always dreamed about, no matter either it’s a mastiff or a dachshund.

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