Sharla Wilson moved out to live in a new house. So, she decided to post a letter apologizing for her senior pug’s howling as he is feeling lost in the new place and barking a lot as he can’t find her.

A neighbor took a photo of the very gentle note that went viral on social media very quickly due to its cuteness and kindness. The picture was liked by almost half-million dog lovers. Globally, people accepted Charleston howling for expressing his feelings.


Sharla has received a huge appreciation and recognition from people. She even received gifts, such as coffee from Curly Tail Coffee and a Wyze Cam to know where Charleston is. Sharla and Charleston are very lucky they seem.

Curly Tail Coffee gave Charleston a nickname: Steel City Howler

Charleston also was a very adorable baby.

That’s him when he was a puppy

We all love you, howl as you like, Charleston, sweety.