9 Reasons You Should Date Someone With A Boxer

1. You know he or she is patient and calm

Boxers are impulsive, devastating, messy, lovely, furry monsters, it requires a great amount of flexibility to manage to handle one of them. When you be in a relationship with someone who owns a Boxer, you know that they can be patient when something very unexpected occurs, or when he’s not in control.

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2. Boxer owners are energetic

Your possible S.O. may not be a lover of 15-mile hikes. However, they will be a person who likes playing, walking, and being outside.

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3. They love cuddles

Dogs adore cuddles and to be cuddled, and most dog owners will love this kind of physical affection. Therefore, if you’re a person who enjoys a really good cuddle.

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Owning a Boxer– especially raising a puppy– is a test in patience. If you’re on a relationship with a person who handled to raise a puppy’s home teething and training.

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5. Boxers owners don’t fear commitment

Dogs live long – often up to 15 years. If your partner owns a dog, you know that he doesn’t fear longterm relationships and commitment.

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6. Dog owners are fun!

Having a dog requires a lot of care and calmness, however, it also has a fun part. Dogs love playing more than anything else. So, dog owners are usually funny, active and can be silly sometimes as well.

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7. Boxer owners are friendly

Dogs are friendly animals, and their human parents are usually friendly as well. For instance, psychologist Sam Gosling and grad student Carson Sandy at the University of Texas asked more than 4,500 people to fill a survey to contrast the traits of people who describe themselves as “dog people” and “cat people.” The survey indicated that “dog people were about 15% more social and 13% more comfortable” than cat people.

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8. They are always healthier and happier

A 2011 study by psychologists from Miami University and Saint Louis University studied how having a dog impacts owners’ lives; As indicated by the Psychology Today, a section of the study revealed that “dog owners show higher self-esteem, were fitter, not lonely, more diligent, more extroverted, and had wholesome relationship patterns (i.e., they were less anxious and less overthinking) than non- dog-owners.” So, DOG OWNERS ARE JUST AWESOME.

9. Boxer-owners are handsome

Everyone looks more handsome with a dog. This is just a fact that you can never doubt.

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