Are you walking your dog enough?

Are you walking your dog enough?

Have you ever noticed that the first few months after we get a dog, we walk it regularly and willingly, especially when it’s warm outside?

But then when it starts to rain frequently, we become a bit lazy… and motivation to walk with the dog sharply declines as well as the time spent on walking.
But walking is not a dog’s caprice, it is its greatest necessity. And we speak about long walks only. The lack of walking may result in behavioral and moreover, health problems.
So how long should you walk your dog each day?

Of course, it depends on the dog’s breed, size and age. 📍The minimum duration of a walk with every healthy dog should be 2 hours a day.

📍The minimum duration of a «toilet-only» walk should be 30 minutes. This is the time it takes the dog to do its toilet stuff. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for the pet to wait for the next walk. 📍The intensity of walking is individual for each particular dog. ⠀
While an English Bulldog prefers a measured pace, a husky or a beagle won’t be satisfied with an unhurried walk without any additional entertainment. ⠀
🛑There can be many reasons why owners limit their dogs’ walking: the dog pulls the leash too much, is aggressive toward the people around, rushes to other dogs, chases cats, birds or even cars or has panic attacks when it is outside.
However, deprivation of walks, as well as their insufficient frequency or duration, only make the problems worse.

One more reason that can «stop» the owner from walking his dog is bad weather. But dogs actually walk in any weather.

If we talk about physical activity, the dog, regardless of its size, must have at least two hours of walking a day. Don’t forget about that.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a Yorkshire Terrier or an Irish Wolfhound, a phlegmatic chow chow or a choleric terrier. The more you walk with your dog, the better!

During the walk the dog becomes physically tired and gets impressions, which keep the brain working so that walking to some extent tires the dog mentally