1️⃣Some say that the name of the breed means “dog from the bushes”
The origins of the Japanese “Shiba-Inu” name remains a mystery. Probably, the name Shiba Inu literally means “Bush dog”. Some believe that the name came from their ability to cut through the bushes or through thick grass during hunting. Others say that both the dog and the autumn bushes have a red color. An alternative theory says that the word “Siba” simply means “small”. 2️⃣The Shiba Inu is an inborn hunter
These dogs were bred by the ancient Japanese to chase wild boars, to hunt birds, and even bears.

3️⃣ This Is One of the Most Popular Breeds in Japan
Shibas are one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan, and they are called a national treasure of the country. Many Shibas are true Instagram or YouTube celebrities in Japan.
4️⃣ Shibas almost became extinct
World War II almost exterminated the Shiba Inu. Many dogs died in bombing raids during the war, some got a canine viral infection, after the war. A special breeding program that began after the war helped Shibas survive. After many years of effort, the breeders restored the Shiba Inu breed, based on only three remaining bloodlines of five dogs.

5️⃣ Shibas resemble cats in many ways
In many ways, the Shiba Inu acts more like a cat than a dog. They are independent and may be difficult to train. They also are very neat and clean as they spend a lot of time grooming themselves.