Bath time: how to wash your dog correctly

What should you know about washing your dog correctly?

💧If your dog is long-coated, make sure to brush him/her before washing.
💧Don’t forget about a rubber mat, so that you pet doesn’t slip and slide.
💧Wash your dog when they get dirty.
Generally, it’s once or twice a month, with dog shampoo. In summer it can be more often. Paws should be washed after every walk.
💧Start giving your dog a bath from the back and the tail, finish with the head. Make sure the water doesn’t get into your pup’s ears.
💧Use only special dog shampoos.

🐶If you bring a puppy home for the first time🐶

It is natural for a new owner to want to wash their puppy from the first days at home.

But it’s better to avoid doing that in the first few weeks.
The thing is, the puppy is only getting used to you as an owner during his/her first days in the new home. He/she is still not attached to you. The only thing that a puppy knows and loves at this point is everything he/she brought from the old home – and that is mainly their smell.

If you take this familiar smell away from the puppy, he/she will most probably simply wet his bed.

This is how a puppy will be able to feel the familiar smell again, and mark his/her place in the new home. And then if you keep washing their bed, washing away the smell, you might accidentally teach the puppy to pee on his bed over and over again.

Try to be patient 😊

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