Can all dogs swim?

Upon finding themselves in the water, dogs will at least try to swim🌊.

But this in no way means that you should make them swim, especially if we’re talking about spending long time in the water.

Even if your dog can swim, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she enjoys it 100% and that it’s completely safe to do.

Some breeds are made to swim well: Labradors and Newfoundlands, for instance.

But there are also breeds that are not so good when it comes to swimming: mainly short-legged dogs (Dachshunds, Busset hounds) and brachycephalic ones (those with short noses, such as bulldogs and pugs).

But swimming might end up being close to mission impossible for any dog out there, regardless of the breed.

Remember: you have to supervise your dog in the water and always be ready to come to the rescue if needed.

Is it possible to teach a dog to swim?💦

To an extent, yes, but it all depends on the dog’s characteristics and preferences.

❎What you shouldn’t do under any circumstances is try to forcefully get your pup into the water. He/she can get scared and stressed.

In the end, your dog might learn to be more afraid of water than ever before.

Not all dogs like going in the water, even those who can swim. And if you have a Labrador, it doesn’t guarantee that he/she will enjoy swimming.

Remember that you should never make your dog swim, but you can try to interest them in it.

Start by walking on the bank of a body of water, pay attention to what you pup is doing. If he/she decided to put one paw in the water, make sure to actively praise him/her and give your dog a nice treat.

Slowly, you can try to offer (but not force) your pet to go deeper and deeper in the water.

Some dogs actively follow the example of other dogs or their owner.

One of the best ways to teach your dog to swim is using a special lifejacket. It will help him/her to understand how to position the body properly in the water.

Even (and especially) if your dog loves swimming, don’t ever leave him/her unsupervised in the water!

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