When the person needs to go somewhere for a long time, for example, when he is on a business trip, he is afraid that his dog will forget him when he is away.

Is there really a possibility that the dog can forget someone it loves?

A dog’s mindset is still quite a mystery for people. But nevertheless scientists think that it doesn’t differ from a human’s mindset.

Just exactly like humans, dogs can create and store memories and just like us they have the ability to forget. Dogs also can have diseases, like Alzheimer’s, which can lead to memory loss.
But leaving the diseases aside, there’s still a question: can dogs forget their owners if they do not see them for a long time?

There are many cases which can prove an outstanding memory of our pets.
For instance, there are many touching videos on the Internet showing the owners returning home after years of separation, and their best friends going crazy with delight meeting them. And the stories about dogs that have been waiting for their owners for years? Aren’t they the great proofs?

These stories prove that our four-legged friends remember every single detail about their beloved humans – from appearance to smell. We can say that their perception is «tailored» to their adored owners.

For sure, the dog remembers the person who it has pleasant associations with. And if it doesn’t recognize the beloved owner from the very first sight, in a few seconds it will understand that this is the most loved creature in the whole world.
There’s still no one commonly accepted opinion on whether dogs can forget the person they love.

But when you return home after a long absence (even if it did not last for many years) and see the delight of your pet – what other proof is needed?❤️❤️🐶️ We would be glad if you share your examples or stories⬇️