How can you teach your dog to communicate politely with other dogs?

How can you teach your dog to communicate politely with other dogs?

You’ve probably seen that some dogs, despite their friendliness, cause other dog’s aggression and negative reactions⚡️ As a rule, that means that these over friendly doggies ignore rules of dog communication and don’t know how to interact in the right way. ⁉️Is it possible to solve this problem and teach a dog to approach other dogs politely?

Communication with their own species representatives is essential for a dog’s well-being. If a dog wants to communicate with other dogs, but doesn’t know how, it suffers.
So how do you teach a dog to approach other dogs correctly? 🐕 If you’ve got a puppy, socialization groups can significantly help, they can be found in many cities. A qualified dog trainer will teach your pup to communicate using positive reinforcement methods.
If there’s no option of attending a socialization group, introduce your puppy to another dog, calmly and politely, it will teach the baby the necessary rituals. 🐶️It is a bit harder to teach an adult dog, but still it is absolutely possible. In this case it is vital to find calm and friendly dogs to assist you.
You need to choose the right distance to start training and encourage the reconciliation signals that your dog shows (or teach it these signals). Do not forget that an impolite approach to other dogs is often associated with overexcitement of your pet and lack of ability to control itself.
Therefore, a mandatory part of the program is to work with the level of dog’s excitement and teach it the ability to relax and “hold itself in it’s paws”. There are a lot of positive reinforcement games and exercises which can quickly help to teach your doggy self-control.