When you think about this question, isn’t it kind of impossible to define how we ourselves understand if a certain person is good or bad?

How would you explain the love that dogs give to people that are considered “bad” people?

So why do dogs like some people, but dislike others?

The most probable answer to this question is that dogs use a certain person’s (or their owner’s) behavior in a particular situation as a guide.

Some dogs might be aggressive and cautious to people who they think behave differently from what they are familiar with: they can see a threat in these people’s behavior.

For example, drunk people often cause caution and confusion in dogs.

Dogs also don’t like people who are nervous in their presence, those who speak loudly or make sudden moves. They may view this behavior as threatening.

Pets can read their owners’ signals, even if the owners don’t notice them themselves.

So, if we don’t like someone, it’s natural that our dogs are careful around that person too (and then we often interpret it as a sign that this person is truly not good).

Dogs are more sensitive to non-verbal cues than people.

Even if you can’t understand what causes you dog’s negative feelings, he/she would certainly give you a detailed list of reasons if only he/she could speak. 🐶

Sometimes your dog’s dislike of someone is very much reasonable.

For example, in a situation when a dog notices signals of a threat that you can’t see. But it’s not always like that.

There are also times when dogs are apprehensive towards people who are not of any threat to either of you, just because they seem a bit “strange” to them.

That’s why it’s so important to use the socialization period to introduce the puppy to as many people as possible.

Such socialized dogs will not necessarily be friendly to everyone, but at least neutral to the majority of people.

What are your thoughts about it? 👇