Teach your pup to stay calm when a door opens

Teach your pup to stay calm when a door opens

How to teach your dog to stay still when you open doors? ⬇️

▫️Teach them to remain in place upon hearing the “Stay” command.

Use a carpet/mat, which is also important from the safety point of view if the floor is slippery.

With a treat in your hand, lead your pup to a place you have chosen, say “Stay!” and give him a treat.

Wait a second and give him another treat.

The most important goal is for the dog to stay put. It doesn’t matter if he’s sitting or lying down, as long as he is comfortable.

If your dog is trying to leave, bring him back to the same spot, repeat the command, wait a second and give him a treat. Then you can increase the gap between the command and the treat.

▫️Begin making the task harder:

Say “Stay!”, make one step back towards the door (facing the dog), then come back immediately and give him a treat.

As soon as your dog remains in one spot without any difficulty, you can complicate the task a bit more: make more steps, turn your back to the dog, etc…

▫️Remember that you should only make the dog’s task harder if he is very good at the original task.

If you pup makes a mistake (for example, tries to follow you or leaves), calmly bring him back to the spot and repeat the previous step.

▫️Note that you should only reward your dog when you approach him, so that you don’t motivate him to move towards you.

▫️As soon as you can see that your pet doesn’t have any problem staying in one spot while you’re walking towards the door and back, take the exercise to a new level: touch the door handle, unlock the door, open the door just a bit, close it again, leave the door open, walk out and knock or ring the bell, ask your neighbors to play guests…

✔️An important rule: finish the training session before your dog gets bored!

This exercise is difficult for easily-excitable dogs. They’ll need more time to learn.

▫️Make sure to use a command that will notify the dog that the training session is over, so that he (very fairly) doesn’t decide that the lesson ends when he wants it to.

Don’t hurry! Give your pup time to learn.

With patience and consistence, you’ll be surprised how quickly your dog will learn to stay calm!