How To Choose a Dog’s Groomer

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Grooming is comprehensive care for hair, skin, nails, eyes and ears of pets. And nowadays, more and more dog owners are sure that grooming is not a whim, but a very useful action to maintain the health of our dogs. A professional groomer will not only clean your dog’s ears and make an exhibition haircut, but will also give advises about the choice of cosmetic products for hair care and right nutrition. The only question is how to choose a professional groomer for your dog?


The most reliable and effective source of information is references of other dog owners. Find owners of the same breed and ask  their experiences and opinions on dog’s groomers in your area. It’s even not necessary to spend time on personal meetings, you can just use local Internet resources. No doubts, you can easily find forums, where citizens discuss their questions and issues.

Knowledge of breed features

A good groomer knows features of dog’s haircuts, according to their breeds. If his specialization is narrow (for example, all his customers are Yorkshire Terries), he won’t deceive you, working with unfamiliar breeds.

High-class beauty salons for dogs care about their reputation, recruiting only qualified specialists, who have real experience of grooming for dogs of different breeds.

Preparing the dog for exhibition, you have to be sure about the groomer’s professionalism. Just a usual haircut, which is made in a wrong way, is not a big deal. But for exhibitions it’s unacceptable. Don’t hesitate to ask the groomer to show pictures of his works.

If you have any doubts, ask the breeder for help. For sure, he knows a good specialist.

Groomer’s equipment

Groomer’s equipment is also very important. A professional will always find the way to purchase high-quality scissors, trimmer or hair clippers for dogs.

If you see a wobbly table for grooming or rust on scissors, probably it’s not the best place and a specialist for dog’s grooming.

Contact with dogs

Visiting a beauty salon and groomers is quite a lot of stress for dogs, especially if these procedures are not usual for them. And of course, your dog must feel comfortable in hands of another person.
Cruel treatment is absolutely unacceptable! If you witness such treatment, make sure to say about this to the management of a dog’s salon or a veterinary clinic.

If the groomer is able to establish contact with dogs,  it’s undoubtedly his advantage. Don’t leave the dog,when you came to a dog’s salon. Stay and observe the work of groomers for a while.

Professional development

New technologies and means for a more comfortable, safe and effective care for dogs appear every day. And a good sign of a professional dog’s groomer is desire to grow and develop skills. Evidence of such professionalism is diplomas and certificates from various grooming courses.  If your groomer is interested in becoming a better specialist, he is the one, whom you need for the dog.

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