Older dog in the house: rules of adaptation

Older dog
Older dog

Older dog in the house: rules of adaptation

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Most of us get puppies, wishing to have a older dog in the house. But sometimes older dogs need new owners too. And not everybody knows how to deal with older dogs and establish good communication. An adult dog already has some history, habits and preferences. And the main question is how to adapt a dog to new conditions of his life?

Don’t leave your Older dog alone

If you did a good thing and took a poor dog from the street, don’t leave him tied near the store when you go shopping. Don’t torture your dog, making him feel that he is left alone again. Moreover, if you took a shelter older dog, don’t walk with him near shelters.

Minimum of stress

Changing life circumstances is already a strong stress for older dogs, that’s why you have to minimize dog’s suffering. Give the dog time to calm down and get used to you. Set aside training exercises or visits to a vet, if there is no urgent need for medical checkups.


Closely monitor the dog’s condition. You can’t know what happened in the past, but you can try to understand it from dog’s present behavior.

Your adult dog could be threatened or offended in puppyhood.

Be patient and observant. Don’t make the dog obey, if you notice any problems in his behavior. It’s better to sick help from professionals – experienced trainers or veterinarians.

When it comes to taking the dog to a vet, bring some treats for the dog with you, so that he will have some positive emotions. Moreover, bring a notebook and write dates of all visits to a veterinary clinic. At home you can also write about any changes in the dog’s health. Keep a record of your dog’s temperature every time you measure it.

Find some time for daily care 

Comb long-haired dogs and make a massage for short-haired. Grooming will strengthen your relationship with the dog and help to see skin diseases at the early stage. Moreover, it will make the dog not to be afraid of you and other people. During grooming pat and hug the dog.

Be sure to find time for daily walks. Don’t stress the dog with training for a while, as he should get used to you first. Just walk with the dog near your home.

When the dog lives with you for more than 2 weeks, it’s time to start training. Don’t forget that exercises must bring happiness to you and your dog.

If you take an adult dog, this dog will love you as much as a puppy. Adult dogs have great life experience and can see your wish to give them a happy life. Coming to a new house, they are open to new relationships and rules of life. And don’t worry, if you take an adult dog, he can become the best dog you’ve ever had.

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