How to choose dry food for your dog

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
There are several criteria for the selection of a particular brand and type of dry food for dogs.
Criteria number 1. Casual (normal) or therapeutic

If your dog is healthy, conventional dry food will be suitable for him. Curative food is required only for those dogs, which have some diseases. For example, such diseases as arthritis, problems of the gastrointestinal tract, food allergies.

Not all brands have medical dry food. The most popular and affordable of them are  Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba, and Purina.

Feeds for dogs, which suffer from various health problems, have a special mark, indicating their specialization.For example, «Weight Control» for dogs with obesity,  «Hepatic Dog» for treating gastrointestinal problems, liver and pancreas, or «Hypoallergenic Dog» (for dogs with allergies).

Criteria number 1. Age of dogs

Dry food of premium and super premium class offers a whole age range of its products.

Dry food for dogs can be divided into 4 types:

  • fodder for puppies, starting with the age of 2 weeks (Starter);
  • fodder for junior puppies, aged from 2 months up to 8-10 months (Junior);
  • fodder for adult dogs, aged from 1 year up to 6-8 years (Adult);
  • fodder for older and senior dogs, aged from 6 up to 8 years, depending on the breed (Senior)

It is important to remember that this division is designed to provide the body’s needs, taking into account age features.

Pick up dry food, based on the actual age of your dog, and not because you think it will be better. When in doubt, consult a veterinarian.

Criteria number 3. Dog’s size

Miniature and large dogs need different kinds of dry fodders. First of all, large granules can be dangerous for small breeds. Secondly, feeds are aimed for special needs of dogs in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. For example, mastiff puppies require a large amount of calcium in the period of active growth, comparing to cocker spaniels.

Criteria number 4. Dog’s lifestyle

If you have an athlete dog, it’s better to find for him special dry food for active energetic dogs. Such feeds are marked as «Active» or «Energy» and also suitable for those dogs, which need additional energy source in the winter season or suffer from severe stress.

If your pet spends most of the time, peacefully snoring on the couch or a bed, you need a «Normal», «Standard» or even «Light» fodder. «Light» dry food can help to stabilize the dog’s weight.

Criteria number 5. Food’s grade     

All dry food for dogs can be divided into three categories according to its class.

  • Economy class (Chappi, Pedigree, 4 legs, etc.);
  • Premium class (Dog Chow, Happy Dog, Brit, Bosch and others);
  • Super-premium class (Acana, Innova, 1st Choice, and others).

This dry food differs not only by price, but also the quality of ingredients.

Premium and super-premium class fodders contain high-quality protein, low grain and harmless preservatives. They are often made of offal, soya and poor quality grain.

Nutritional value of premium and super-premium feeds is much higher, and your dog will eat less, so don’t worry about money. Moreover, dogs , which follow a healthy diet and eat good products, have less problems with their health.

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