Top 5 Small Dogs For Active People

Small Dogs
Small Dogs

Top 5 small dogs for active people

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
It is difficult enough to keep large and active dogs in urban conditions. That’s why most of people, who live in city apartments, prefer to have decorative Small Dogs and moderate temperament.

But what if you enjoy having an active lifestyle and don’t want to have a dog, who will just sleep on the couch all day long?

If you like to stay active and you live in the small apartment in the middle of the city, continue reading the article and you will know what small dogs can be a perfect companion for you.

Jack Russell Terrier

Small Dogs
Small Dogs

Owners of Jack Russell Terriers call them “Little big dogs”.  And it is true, despite the small size (25-30 cm at the withers), these dogs are able to make anybody respect them. Dogs of this breed are not afraid of enemies, even if they are huge and scary.

Jack Russell Terriers are also very intelligent and can be easily trained, but they can’t stand disrespectful attitude.