Cutest Mixed Dog Breeds for Families

While we would all love to adopt all the cute dogs and puppies we see, that would be impossible. So how do you choose between them? Certain breeds have an aesthetic that appeals to your heart, and others have a hunting instinct or are easily trainable making them more popular, but having the best of everything would be ideal. And now you can.

A mixed-breed dog gives you the chance to bring all those lovable qualities together in one fur ball making a great addition to the family.

The Plus Side

What’s great about having a dog that is a mixed breed is that you are essentially joining two gene pools. This makes the pup much stronger in terms of eliminating illnesses and diseases that are so frequent in thoroughbred dogs.

This way you get a healthier dog that is stronger physically and mentally, and therefore you are likely to make fewer trips to the veterinarian clinic for ailments and health issues.

Bringing a pet into the family can often be tricky if everyone likes a different variety, and other than adopting or purchasing a handful of canines to please everyone, you could settle on a mixed breed. A dog that is a mixed breed is a better choice if you have children or family members who are nervous around dogs as they are less temperamental than their purebred cousins who often have mood swings caused by interbreeding.

Mixed breed dogs have a large collection of genes therefore no one attitude is stronger than the other making them not only friendlier but easier to train. They’re perfect for hunting pups or dogs growing up with young children.

The Younger the Better (After 6 Weeks)

Often people opt for older dogs thinking they need less work, are more laid back, and have essentially been through the niggly life stages that older folk don’t necessarily have the time or energy for.

Research, however, has shown that puppies, and even more so those who have just been born and have waited 6 weeks before bringing them into your home, are much more predictable and trainable to suit a family environment. There are so many big and small dogs to choose from. Everything from the Puggle to the Sheepadoodle. Check out BarkingTalk for some of the most adorable furry faces around and see if they’d be a good match for your family.

Not only will this cute fur ball be a hit with the children but they can grow up together forming an unbreakable bond and you know your pup will protect your children with their whole heart. As kids grow up with pets they learn responsibilities and life skills other kids may not necessarily learn until they are older, and they form an empathy that cannot be taught but rather needs to be learned practically.

The Fun of a Cute Mixed-Breed Puppy

People are naturally drawn to the ‘cute, baby feature’ of big doe eyes, large heads, and smaller bodies and when it comes to puppies it is no different. Being around cute dogs brings an essence of positivity where seeing that little fur ball run around the house you can’t help but smile or feel good.

The only difference between choosing a purebred dog and opting for a mixed breed dog is that now you have the advantage of having the cuteness factor from two separate breeds combined into one adorable package.

If you are looking for a cute mixed-breed pup to bring home to the family, take a look at these popular choices that will melt your heart.

  • German-Shepard Husky mix – A highly intelligent dog with wolf-like features but softened by the uniqueness of the husky. Hard-working dogs who have a naturally protective nature.
  • Pug and Beagle mix – This attention-seeking dog will keep you topped up with cuddles and adoration, but when outdoors their energy and curiosity are endless. They are not only cute but social butterflies perfect for families with kids or who are socially interactive.
  • Cocker spaniel and Poodle mix – Finding a real-life walking teddy has just become a dream come true. The Cockapoo has become increasingly popular because of its cheeky features that make you fall instantly in love with them, and they are easy to train.
  • Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever mix – Loving and energetic this is a pup that is cute but also smart and has a medium-length coat that is easily maintained.
  • French Bulldog and Boston Terrier Mix – A dog that has the energy to keep up with the kids at the park but will cuddle up close on the couch as the night winds down.

A Final Thought

When searching for a puppy, cuteness plays a big role. However, the bond and connection you feel when you see them will most likely determine the one you’ll take home. When cared for correctly, a mixed breed can be a happy and healthy addition to your family.

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