Does your dog enjoy kisses and being petted?

So many people just love petting, hugging, kissing and cuddling their pets.

Do dogs like it though?

Just like any human, every dog has an individual personality, characterized by unique preferences and boundaries. There are dogs who fear being touched, there are also dogs who adore any type of tactile contact!

💛So, how to understand which team your dog belongs to?

Super simple! Just interact with your dog for 5 seconds, then move back a bit and monitor the reaction! If your dog reaches out to you, puts its face under your hand, touches you with a paw – congratulations, your dog is completely comfortable with being touched!

💜Pay attention to your dog’s behavior, when you are interacting with it, and make sure to respect your pet!

What about your dog? A bit of a touch-me-not or a fan of affection? 🐶

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