Why Do Dogs Lean On People ?

You might have noticed on many occasions that your dog likes to lean on you. So, why do dogs do it and what is it they want to tell us by doing that? 😊

Here’s the thing. A dog is attached to its human in two ways: emotionally and by perceiving the owner as a security provider. This means that in the moments of danger or fear, a dog will run to a person he considers a security provider. It is in presence of this special person that the dog will be most active playing and exploring the world around.

When dogs lean on their owners, it often means that he is scared or anxious. For example, in a vet clinic or after seeing something scary outside. This is a clear signal that your dog trusts you and relies on your support and protection.

Sometimes dogs snuggle against their owners, relax and even fall asleep. In this case, even the way the dog is positioning his body will demonstrate serenity and peacefulness.

This is a tell-tale sign that your dog is comfortable in your presence and knows you won’t harm him.

Sometimes our dogs will press against us and look us deep in the eye. Most probably, they are asking us for something in these moment: maybe they’re thirsty or need to go for a walk.

It’s important to look at your dog’s behavior in the context of a situation: pay attention to the body language and what is happening around. This way you will be able to understand what your four-legged friend is trying to say.

What are your thoughts? Does your dog lean on you at times? 🐶

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