does your dog get smarter with age?

Many dog owners are waiting for the moment when their dogs will grow older and get “smarter”.

Sure, dogs, just like people, experience different things every day, learn new skills and behaviors, interact with their owner and the outside world.

And a dog will certainly be getting smarter and smarter if its owner makes an effort to create a balance between predictability and diversity, to develop the dog’s initiative and interest towards learning something new, to just simply play and communicate as often as possible.

But if the owner doesn’t interact with the dog, or does, but in a rude or aggressive manner, the dog will start fearing everything that’s new, everything that requires initiative, and then, of course, it will never have an opportunity to develop properly.

So, dogs do get smarter on their own, but will you be happy with the results of it?

Remember: if you don’t put time and effort into teaching and training your dog, it will grow up, get smarter and understand that:
▫️It’s fun to bark at people
▫️Running after bicycles and cats is the best alternative to hunting prey
▫️And it’s totally okay to jump at the person you like and kiss them, and who cares what they will think
▫️If there’s a strange piece of food lying on the ground in the park, the best thing to do is to grab it, stuff it in your mouth and run as fast as possible so that the owner doesn’t get you…

How’s this for experience?🐶

So, don’t wait until your dog gets “smarter”, because in the end, you might run out of patience 🙈

It’s never too late to train your dog! It’s only important to know what to start with.

Did your dog get smarter with age? 👇

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