What is your dog’s social motivation?

What is your dog’s social motivation?

Except primary motivation, dogs also have secondary motivation. This is the type of motivation that we specifically train our dogs to have. This is social motivation.

Social motivation includes:
▫️Praise or scratching (and other pleasant tactile sensations).

🐶Why do you need to train your dog to have social motivation?

Because when we are training our dogs, we of course also use food and playing, but we don’t always have treats or toys at hand. And we obviously would like our dogs to listen to us even if we are not holding any food or toys.

But what you always have at hand is… well, you. Your dog always sees a guide, an owner in you. And you must explain to your dog that whenever you say “Oh, what a good doggie!” – it is a good thing.

How to develop you dog’s social motivation?

It’s best to start when your dog is still a puppy. For example, when your puppy is not doing anything, just start actively pouring praise all over him, clapping your hands, up until he starts showing signs of happiness, wagging his tail, jumping and “smiling”. You can praise your puppy for this by playing or feeding him. This way you will explain to your dog that whenever the owner gives you praise, something nice will follow. Then we gradually get rid of the food and toys, and what’s left is simple verbal praise.

Social motivation is a very convenient instrument, because we always have it at hand. But we do need to form it additionally, in an artificial manner.

So, always remember the most important success formula when training:

Marker of correct behavior or a click ➡️ Praise ➡️ Treat ❗️