Dog Amazing Cure You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Dog  Amazing Cure  You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

written by : Anastasia Spevakina
Dog Amazing Cure Every pet has his own microbiome and digestive tract, but adding antibiotic treatment to the diet of your dog can destroy healthy bacteria in the organism and allow negative bacteria to affect the whole body.

Fecal transplantation is a way to add the healthy bacteria to the digestive tract of your dog and treat severe bacterial infections. Even though it can sound ridiculous for us, this way of curing can be a good nutrition and restore the animal’s health and help him to stop suffering from weight and appetite loss, chronic vomiting and chronic diarrhea. Boxers and French Bulldogs can be genetically prone to the colitis (i.e. inflammation of the colon) and has been scientifically proven to heal after implementing the fecal therapy.

First clinical trials of an experimental method to treat the intestinal infections by transplanting feces showed a clear advantage of this method over the standard antibiotic therapy. Of course, new way of treatment is very impressive, but fecal transplantation was three – four times more effective and productive then antibiotic treatment.

The method, called Intestinal Microbiota Transplantation (IMT) or Microbiome Restorative Therapy, comprises administering of fecal substance from a healthy donor to the gastrointestinal tract of pets, resulting in the restoration of normal intestinal microflora. This method of diarrhea and other enteric diseases treatment is well known for more than half of a century. There are about 500 scientific publications proving its effectiveness.

You can see that your dog has problems with the digestive tract, when he starts to be less energetic, and sometimes in his feces there is admixture of blood and mucus.

In the worst cases your dog will start eating poops, having an instinctive need for the organism to gain all the missing and necessary vitamins. But you will never know what new diseases the dog can acquire and what strong consequences can happen, when the dog starts eating poops. It’s not only unhygienic, but also not healthy at all.

You have to find a very good veterinarian to examine your dog, if he faces any of these digestive difficulties. If the vet decides that microbiome restorative therapy is necessary, it must be well prepared. Transfer of fecal can cause various infections, and that’s why feces should be carefully checked for the chemical composition of bacteria and viruses. The donor has to be in excellent health.

Practically, dogs are prescribed to get feces rectally, what takes just about few seconds.
Sometimes the result of the fecal therapy can be seen after few days, when the dog starts to be more energetic and has a healthy appetite. But in some cases the fecal therapy must be repeated few more times till the dog is fully recovered from the disease.

Nowadays micro biome of our pets can be damaged because of the abuse of antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals. Fecal transplantation can be a good subsidiary tool to clean the organism of your pet from negative bacteria. It’s also important to provide your dog with a good diet, consisting of vitamins and minerals.