Dogs Stress – 10 ways You Stress Out Your Dogs

Written by : Anastasia Spevakina
Dogs Stress !! For many years the nature was dictating its own laws and made all animals fight to survive and be ready to protect from surrounding threats anytime. Dogs are naturally meant to experience stress during the hunting, when they were in danger.
Few centuries later, stress of dogs is mainly caused by fear, emotional excitation and anxiety. Of course, every owner can easily understand that his pet is nervous. But sometimes we do not pay attention to the important signals, which an animal gives to us. At these moments, dogs are not just frightened or irritated. They have stress that threatens their health, and you can’t handle it just because you didn’t notice.
Check out these signs of stress in dogs and make sure that your pet is not in internal danger.
dogs are shaking not only after bathing or to shake off the dust, it’s also the way to relax after a small Dogs Stress . To understand what excited your dog, pay attention to the exact moment, when he is shaking. Many dogs are shaken, if the owner suddenly changes the usual route without any warning gesture or word. The dog may also shake, watching a nasty scene at home or on the streets , for example, when another owner mistreats his dog, or when people start hugging, breaking (from the point of dog’s view) individual distance.

Lying in the grass
dogs usually lye in the grass feeling pleasure, but sometimes it’s the way to relieve tension, if the dog has itching because of Dogs Stress. Being highly stressed some puppies try to get covered in the grass so often, that the owner has to stop and wait till his pet finishes.

In terms of animal physiology, excessive salivation is a symptom of severe stress. As soon as our dogs are at the dog sites, they start having long viscous saliva even when there are no dogs around. The stress of your pet can be caused even by the smell of other dogs.  And if you won’t understand it and will constantly drive your dog to a place, where he has increased salivation, you will just torture your pet, creating chronic stress and aggressiveness to other breeds.

Bad smell
If your dog  have strong stress for long time, it will disturb the physiological processes in the body, and therefore, makes their smell worse.

A dog, which has experienced a lot of stress, can demonstrate undesirable behavior, such as barking, jumping on other dog, urinating at the house, restlessness and hyperactivity. Bored dogs can start chewing items in the house, trying to get owner’s attention. That’s the moments when you need to take actions to help your dog with overcoming stress.
It’s very important to give our dogs the opportunity to avoid stressful conditions and relax in a quiet place.  Find time for your pet, play with him and give the chance to run, stretch up and gambol. Pay attention to the diet of your dog and make sure that it’s rich in protein, vitamins (especially B, C, E), iron, magnesium, selenium and other minerals.

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