10 Best Dog Breeds For Protection

dog breeds for protection

written by: Quarticles
Since time immemorial, a dog’s main job has been to guard against unwanted persons and also protect its owner as well. Whereas every dog can be a home guardian, there are however some specific dog breeds that have the traits needed to ward of unwanted people and also offer protection as well. Here are 10 best dog breeds for protection that you need to know especially if you want to get a dog to protect you and your family.Dog Breeds For Protection

  1. Bull mastiff Bullmastiff_Junghund_1_JahrThis is one of the best Dog Breeds For Protection , thanks to its physical strength, courageousness, protection instincts and outstanding family loyalty. This breed literally uses its massive strength to knock over any intruder who crosses its path. However, it is quite docile when it is in a family environment and it can also make a great household pet as well.