Dog Feeding Tips : FAQs And Main Rules

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
FAQ’s about dog feeding guidelines

Everything is good in moderation

Dogs must always have enough food. Not eating enough or overeating don’t lead to anything good.

How much time to give to dogs for eating? – Dog Feeding

Leave the bowl with food for 15-20 minutes and then take it to a refrigerator. Thus, you will teach the dog to have an eating regime.

How many times a day I have to feed the dog? – Dog Feeding

Adult dogs need only two feedings per day (equal portions), puppies – 2-3 feedings.

Do I have to add salt to dog’s food? – Dog Feeding

It is not necessary, since all products contain salt in varying degrees. Well, maybe you can add little bit of salt, but not during each feeding.

Stand for bowls – important or not? -Dog Feeding

A stand for bowls can set bowls on the level of dog’s chest, so that it will be more comfortable for your pet to eat.  Stands on tripods allow to adjust the height, at which bowls are located.

Dogs should always have fresh water

This is especially important for those owners, who feed dogs with dry food. Put a bowl of water on the stand as well.

Missed feeding the dog?

If one feeding was missed, whatever the reason, the next meal can not be increased. Give the same amount of food as always.

How to understand that the dog is hungry?

If your dog ate all the food and licked the bowl, be sure to increase a portion of food for next time. But don’t give too much food, otherwise dogs can get overweight.

If after eating the dog left some food in a bowl, reduce the dose of feeding.

Dog’s diet should be varied

Even if your dog is a fan of chicken or beef, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him other products too. To be healthy, dogs need variety of foods.

General rules how to feed dogs

Acceptable natural diet food for dogs should consist of 30 – 50% of the meat, 25 – 35% of cereals, dairy products (20 – 30%) and about 15% of vegetables.

Note! It’s not necessarily to give dairy products every day, don’t worry. You can give dogs more meat and offal instead.

Can i give row meat to dogs?

If you trust the seller, meat can be given frozen, but if you don’t, pour row meat with boiling water or make it half cooked.

For one kilogram of the dog’s weight it should be 15 – 25 grams of meat. For example, an adult Cocker spaniel, weighing 13 kg, needs 250 – 300 grams of meat per day, and adult German Shepherds – 600 – 800 grams a day. The amount of fed meat depends on the animal’s weight, activity, age, etc.

What meat to choose?

Lean beef is the main meat product in a dog’s diet. You can also give to your dog rabbit, lamb and horse meat due to their high calorie content. Don’t neglect feeding offal (liver, heart, rumen, chicken neck, stomach). Offal is cheaper, but don’t feed dogs only with this product.

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