How To Choose A Muzzle For Your Dog

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Dogs can quickly get used to a muzzle and patiently wait till it’s removed. But  to achieve this, you need to use a little trick.

If you have a big, strong dog,  you need to choose a reliable muzzle that will reliably keep the animal’s mouth. Nylon muzzles look “weak”, but it’s perfect for a German shepherd or even a larger breed.

! In a muzzle the dog should be able to open his mouth and lick the nose. Otherwise, the dog can get a heart attack or heat stroke during hot summer days.

How to teach dogs to get used to muzzles?

Put a collar on a dog,  fasten a leash, wear a muzzle and give the command “sit”.If the dog tries to take the muzzle off, don’t let him do it. Moreover, make sure that the dog is sitting near your legs, not walking around. If the dog sits near you at least for 10 seconds, give him the delicacy to sit for 30 more seconds. Then say “near” and start walking. If during a walk the dog will try to remove a muzzle, stop and don’t let him do it. Wait for 10 – 20 seconds and start walking again.

How to choose a dog’s muzzles?

  • Net metal muzzles

It looks impressive and will be appropriate for very strong and aggressive dogs. However, if the outside temperature is below zero, the dog can stick his tongue in a frozen grid of the muzzle. Net metal muzzles are very strong and can be a threat too. If the dog in this muzzle moves his head very fast beside you, he can even knock you out.

  • Leather muzzles

It can be worn in any season, but leather can be destroyed because of the dog’s saliva and start to have a bad smell. Rivets quickly get covered with rust, and the leather itself shrinks and cracks.

Of course, quality depends on the manufacturer, so look for muzzles made of thick leather with rivets on the back side.

  • Blunt pointed leather muzzles

Compared to usual muzzles,  blunt muzzles keep their shape better, and the dog’s mouth is closed more reliably.By the way, in summer or during exercises it’s better not to torture dogs with muzzles.

  • Plastic muzzles

Very light and strong enough muzzles. Plastic is easily washed and dried, but in cold weather it loses strength. This muzzle is not a good choice for large breeds.

  • Nylon muzzles

This type of muzzles doesn’t look so impressive, but it can protect from the dog’s teeth. Moreover, it’s so easy to wear and remove it. Nylon muzzles are one of the cheapest, but not recommended for large breeds.


Choose the type of muzzles for your dog and its size carefully. Of course, you can’t take dogs inside any pet stores and just check how certain muzzle fits your pet. But you can negotiate with the pet store employee to try the dog’s muzzle at home and in case it’s a wrong size, exchange it the next day.

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