Dog Hair Loss


Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Dog Hair Loss is the most common problem for breeders and dogs of any age. We are not talking about the “routine” replacement of dog’s coat 2 times a year. We are talking about hair loss without any reasons. Loss of dogs’ coat can be a symptom of dangerous diseases, associated with metabolic activity or parasites inside.

Causes Dog Hair Loss
Improper feeding. Perhaps, your dog doesn’t have enough vitamins (especially B group) and minerals, what leads to destroying of hair follicles. When dogs eat only dry food, it also has a negative impact on their health and coat.
The parasites (fleas, lice, and others). All these microorganisms eat a living organism from inside and disturb many internal processes. Dogs can “catch” parasites almost everywhere, including the apartment, or dealing with the neighbor’s dog. These parasites can appear on the basis of a tail or on hips. Breeds, which are prone to appearing of microorganisms, are Chow and Pekingese dogs.

Ringworm. The main symptoms of the disease are broken off hair and reddish spots. Ringworm is an infectious disease and can be transmitted to humans as well. The only right decision, if you suspect that your dog has a lichen, is to go to the nearest vet clinic. Some time ago, all sick dogs were euthanized, but nowadays a vaccine and a course of antibiotics help to destroy the fungus.
It might be surprising for you, but dogs have allergies, just like we do. Moreoften, dogs have an allergy on different products, specially dry food.Natural products usually do not cause allergies.

Use of of hormonal contraceptives and other drugs that alter the hormonal status of dogs can lead to hair loss.
If the dog had a serious disease, and he has a decreased immune system, this dog can also suffer from the coat’s loss. In such cases dogs need to have periodical checkups at the vet clinic and a course of immune-stimulating medicine.
Wrong care of the dog’s hair. Using the “human” shampoo to wash dogs is not allowed!!!
All dog owners have to buy a special shampoo from the pet store. Wash dogs in cool water to prevent dandruff and dryness of the dog’s skin and coat.

Methods of struggling with dog’s hair loss
After inspecting the dog, a vet diagnoses his illness and prescribes a course of treatment.
1) When dogs have hormonal problems, the vet prescribes medicine that can normalize hormones.
2) If the dog looses his hair due to improper feeding, his diet must be changed, and unsuitable ingredients replaced by new healthy products.
3) When dogs have a food allergy, vets recommend to diagnose problematic products and change the diet as well.
4) The problem with parasites is solved mainly by drops or complex of medicine, which can destroy mites and fleas.
5) Immune system’s deficiency can be managed by special immune stimulating medicine. To avoid immunodeficiency in the future, it’s better to give dogs fortified complexes of drugs.

!!! Important note: only a professional vet can recommend medicine for our dogs !!!

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