Fox Juniper and Her Best Friend – Dog, named Moos


Remember that famous fox Juniper, which loves to jump on the bed of her owner? Well, she got a new friend – Australian Shepherd, named Moose.

Juniper is in love with Moos and tries to attract his attention all day”, – says Jessica, the owner of animals.

“I brought Juniper home, when she was only 5 weeks. And Moose grew up among different animals, so when a fox ran up to him, wagging the tail, they immediately became friends.”

Of course, this couple of friends is incredibly charming, but Jessica warns everyone, who wants to have a fox: Foxes have awful smell. Their urine and feces have a skunk smell, mixed with ammonia. A fox will destroy everything at your house. Moreover, they need taurine not to become blind.”


Video Source: Caters Clips