Dogs and cats under one roof. Tips and advice

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Most of people believe that Dogs And Cats can’t find a common language. Sometimes it happens, but animals often contradict preconceived opinions, living under one roof and having friendly warm feelings. Many things depend on the age of your pets, and who of them appeared first in the house.

Little dogs and kittens
The most hassle-free option is to get dogs and cats at the same time. When they are still kids, it’s much easier to find a common language, because kids can have some fun and entertainment. Such acquaintance usually grows and becomes tender and devoted friendship.

Adult dogs and kittens
If you are the owner of an adult dog and decided to get a cat, you need to take care of new family member’s safety. Even if the dog is friendly, the kitten will need a corner, where he will feel safe.
At first days don’t leave pets alone. Dogs often forget about the size of little kittens, and your dog can injure the cat.

Little dogs and adult cats
This option will be way more difficult than the last one. Adult cats are usually very jealous, when new dogs appear in the house. Let the cat smell a puppy, keep animals separated from each other, and during their communication always be there.
Little puppies, particularly medium and large breeds, are growing very fast. And if before your cat could observe his actions feeling invulnerable, now  her privacy may be destroyed. Don’t let it happen. Let the dog play, but make sure that the cat is relaxed, without expecting that the dog will pull her tail.

Adult dogs and adult cats
The most difficult of all options. Adult animals already have their own ideas about the world. Much worse, if the cat has experienced attacks of dogs, or the dog was scratched by cats previously. Some cats also like to tease dogs and provoke an attack by this way.
You have to be patient and very careful. Dogs and cats shouldn’t be forced to communicate with each other. Keep pets in separate rooms, but feed and stroke them at the same time.

! Each animal should have his own property: bowls, bedding, combs. Many cats prefer to leave some food for later, and dogs eat it all at once, checking food in other bowls.
Conflicts of dogs and cats, living under one roof, are very rare, but possible. Create favorable conditions for each of your pet and do not force things.
Dogs instinctively pursue anything that moves quickly, especially if it is a small and furry creature, but if the dog gets too curious or intrusive, stubborn cat will hiss, spit and slap the dog.
If the dog wags his tail, you can be sure that he likes the cat and wants to play with her. Stroke the cat for her not to feel in danger, and after a while she will learn to be involved in the game.

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