How to help homeless dogs

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Homeless dogs are the constant attribute of all our cities. Some of us feel disguise, but if you are one of those, who feels pity for such dogs, you can try to help homeless animals.

Become an owner
Most stray animals are in a big need for an owner. If you always wanted to get a dog, and his breed belonging doesn’t play a fundamental role for you, think about making your dream come true and doing a good job, helping another living being.
If you are afraid to take home the dog from streets, contact your local shelter or specialized Internet resources.  The advantage of this way is that the guardian of the dog will be able to provide you full information about his character and habits. In addition, such dogs are generally healthy, vaccinated and sterilized. Taking dogs from the shelter, you free up shelter space for other homeless animals.

Of course not always people, who feel sorry for homeless dogs, can take them home. Try to give food to animals from streets. Sometimes it’s a matter of life or death, especially during the cold season.

Make a refuge
If the dog, whom you want to help, lives in some particular place (for example, on the territory of the parking), check with other residents if it’s possible to equip the refuge for local stray dogs. It’s the best option if you a chance to place a wooden box, but even without the box you can use veneer sheets and corrugated paperboard to make a corner for a dog, where he will be protected from wind, rain and snow.

Sterilize and vaccinate
Perhaps, it’s one of the most important points in making efforts to help homeless dogs.
It doesn’t matter how much food you give to dogs or how many wooden boxes you make for them, if female dog brings half a dozen of puppies a year, there will be just more dying dogs on streets.  People’s patience can also run out. There is a big difference when you go outside of the home and see one strayed dog or when you see dozens. In the second case you will start to be worried about your kids and your own protection.  In the worst case, one of neighbors will call to the pet control service and ask about euthanizing dogs. If you don’t want this to happen, check with local volunteers the possibility of sterilizing, and if it’s needed, ask for help and payment operations. It is also desirable to make the dog vaccinated from furiousness.

 Find a good owner
The best thing you can do for the stray dog, if you can’t take him home, is to find a good owner for him. Create an ad with the size, approximate age and character of the dog and place it on certain websites.
Giving the dog to his new owner, exchange contacts to be able to check the dog’s conditions periodically.

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