Dogs and quarantine: what should you do now?

Very soon the world-wide quarantine will be over, and with it – our being with our dogs 24/7.

The fact we spend so much time with our dogs now is great.
They are receiving all the attention they could ever want – that’s a plus.
But, on the other hand, too much attention is also is a big minus.

Many dogs don’t enjoy constant attention from their beloved human.

Usually adult healthy dogs sleep around 14-18 hours a day.
If our pets don’t get enough sleep, they might get irritable and tired.

So, what should you do now?

Leave your dog alone for a bit.
▫️Don’t interact with him/her for some time, even if you’re in the same room.
▫️Let him/her stay in one room behind a closed door, while you are spending your time in another.
▫️Leave the apartment/house and go out to the garden, to the balcony, etc.

Try to figure out how to leave your dog in solitude for some 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour…
As long as you can.

If before the quarantine your dog had problems with staying alone, now is perfect timing to start teaching him/her to do that. Gently and slowly. You can’t leave for long in today’s circumstances, and that’s good – you need to increase the time your dog spends in solitude very slowly.

There is a detailed lesson on teaching a dog to be alone in our app. Check the link in our profile bio 🔺

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