Dog #2: what to consider when choosing

Sometimes we love having a pet at home so much that we start thinking about getting him/her a friend.

What should we consider when choosing a second dog?

▫️Age, breed and size of the two dogs.

Many think that in order for the dogs to not get bored, it’s better to get two pets of around the same age, or even two puppies from the same litter. Well, then be sure: you won’t have a moment to rest.

Why? Because by the age of 2, dogs develop competitive spirit.
So, you may expect to busy yourself by stopping fights. Making dogs of the same age friends is not easy. That’s why it’s better if the age difference between the dogs is at least 5 years.

▫️If you have an adult dog at home and decide to get a puppy, everything is probably going to end well. But there are things to consider too.

▫️If your first dog is a of a smaller breed and you get a slightly bigger second dog, this might go well. But if your first dog is tiny, you’ll have to monitor the situation to not let the growing puppy accidentally hurt his older friend.

▫️If your adult dog is a bigger-sized breed, and you’d like to bring a small puppy home, first make sure that you dog is friendly to his/her smaller friends.

Dogs that are around the same size probably won’t be able to hurt each other, even if they end up fighting or playing harshly.

▫️Consider breed characteristics.

▫️They say dogs of the opposite sex get along better. But there are many exceptions to this rule.

▫️Dogs of the same sex are more inclined towards competition. Some people think that two girls get long better than two boys. That’s not true –often, two females will fight much more than two male dogs.

▫️Living space
Each dog needs his/her own personal space. Be prepared: there might be competition for the most desirable spots in the house. For instance, that place right next your favorite armchair. 🙂

▫️Avoid overcrowding, because it will lead to constant stress in your dogs.

Swipe left for a handy table about this.

Choosing your second dog is a very responsible task: you are accountable to those already living in your home.

Do you have 2 dogs or more? Are they friends? Tell us in the comments below 🐶

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