First things first: what is the best time to get a dog for a family with children?

🐶It’s better to wait until a child turns 4-5 years old.

Younger children are impulsive and often unable to behave correctly around a dog.

In addition, raising a dog is comparable to raising a child. Are you ready to become a parent of two? 💕

A dog in a family with children: safety rules ⬇️

▫️Never (never!) leave a little child alone with a dog.

Keep both of them in sight, or, if you can’t, physically isolate them from each other.

▫️Keep an eye on your dog’s mood and learn to understand canine body language and to notice discomfort signals in time. Make sure to show and explain this to your child as well.

Dogs always warn us about being uncomfortable.

But if none of the signals work and they are not understood, there’s nothing much left to do – only growl or bite. Don’t think that your pet will put up with something you wouldn’t put up with. Even if your dog is very patient, better safe than sorry.

▫️If the dog wants to leave and spend some time away from your child – let him do it. Make sure your furry friend has a nice place to spend some alone time.

▫️Forbid your children to bother the dog while he’s sleeping or eating.

▫️Teach by example. Communicate with your dog properly, and don’t let your child hit the pet, mock him or annoy him in any other way.

▫️Share the responsibility of caring for a dog with your children. You can create a schedule to make it easier.
Even the youngest children will be able to feed the dog and fill his water bowl.

▫️Moreover, sometimes a dog should be protected from excessive attention of the young owner, a child shouldn’t be allowed to bring discomfort to or hurt the dog. It’s unfair in relation to the pet and can even become dangerous.

Only by following these rules you’ll be able to count on your dog’s friendship with your kids.

When it comes to an older child, he/she can also help to train your four-legged friend and teach him fun tricks (you can learn how to in our #everydoggy app😊) .

To be continued…🐶