A clicker is a tiny device which makes a click when you press on it.

This clicks serves as a hint, marking the moment when a dog did something correctly and will receive a reward.

Of course, the very first thing to do is to explain to the dog that a click equals a treat (a treat will follow a click).

How does a clicker influence the training process?

A clicker can be both “a Ferrari” and “a simple truck” – it all depends on what the human using it makes of it.

If everything is done correctly, clicker training helps the dog acquire skills quickly. But if a clicker is used in a wrong way, the human might hinder the training process without even knowing it by not explaining properly what exactly they want from the dog.

All in all, a clicker is no magic wand.

🔴It is nothing more than a marker of correct behavior🔴

How does a clicker work in training?

When you notice your dog follow a command or do something correctly, it is much easier and faster to press a button than to wait for our brain to process and articulate this information in the form of a word.

Not everyone considers it easier to use a clicker. Many owners are more comfortable marking correct behavior with words. But whoever tries working with a clicker, usually learns to click at the right moment after a few training exercises.

Unlike words, the sound of a clicker is always identical and neutral. It doesn’t matter if we are frustrated, happy, having a headache or just not satisfied with the performance of our dog, the clicker sound will always stay the same.

If you’d like to know more about using a clicker correctly and training your dog to react to it, stay tuned: we’ll talk about it in our next post!