There Were 12 Dogs On The Titanic! Only 3 Survived

written by : Makay
Did you know there were at least 12 Dogs On The Titanic ?Even if you don’t exactly know what happened in details , Titanic movie explained everything. Only first class passengers were permitted to bring dogs on board the ship. Of the 12 confirmed dogs on the Titanic, only 3 survived the shipwreck.

Three small dogs survived – 2 Pomeranian and 1 Pekingese.  William Carter and his family brought along two dogs – a King Charles Spaniel and an Airedale. Many dogs were on board that day , they were listed as cargo in the ship’s records, but most details have been lost.

Captain Smith on Titanic’s deck with his Russian Wolfhound, Ben.

On this photo is Capt. Smith , the ship’s captain. He has been photographed on board Titanic with his dog,  he was named Ben . Ben only spent one night on the ship, before it left the dock, and was returned home to Capt. Smith’s daughter.

One passenger, a 50-year old Ann Elizabeth Isham , was said to have visited her Great Dane in the ship’s kennels daily. The legend says that Ann Elizabeth Isham  refused to leave the sinking ship without her beloved dog. A Great Dane, he was considered too big for a lifeboat, and Lizzie stayed on the Titanic rather than leave him behind. Her body was found by one of the recovery ships, her arms wrapped around her dog, both frozen in the Atlantic waters.

A photo of dogs on the Titanic. A dozen dogs were confirmed to be aboard; three small dogs survived. (Photo courtesy of Widener University)There are those who dispute the legend, who say Lizzie’s body was never found. There is no evidence that she boarded the ship in France with a dog, though it is entirely possible. Only first class passengers were allowed to have dogs, and at least 12 made the ill-fated voyage with their owners into the North Atlantic where a watery grave awaited them.










John Jacob Astor IV, his wife Madeleine, and their dog, Kitty, about to board the fated ship. John and Kitty did not survive. (via something most hardest to do is to imagine being any part of this terrible tragedy,it’s even harder to imagine having to make a decision to leave your dog.