Dogs Lick Your Face ? TOP 5 Reasons

Dogs Lick

TOP 5 Reasons Why Dogs Lick Your Face

Written by : Maky
What does it mean when Dogs Lick you? In many cases, licking is a learned behavior. Dogs learn that when they lick their owners they get more attention.

Licking is a natural instinct in dogs. Our dogs always love to lick our faces , but what is the real reason ? Why your dog licks your face? I think you will gonna love this reasons.

1. Licking may be a way of playing, but it also indicates the strong bond between the two of you. That is a very good sign , it usually shows that your dog has a very strong bond with you.

2.Greeting! Your dog loves to show you his emotions by licking your face when  you come back home. You probably noticed many times you come back home ,  your dog runs up to you and licks your face with happiness! That is usually  a sign that your dog missed you very much.

3. Sometimes , when they are hungry , they may lick you because  they need you to get them food , showing you that they are hungry.  And this maybe sounds awkward but , they like the salty taste of your skin!  This may be caused by traces of food on your skin or just the taste of salt and scents on your skin. Additionally, puppies will lick their mother’s lips when hungry.

4.They love cuddling! Your dog doesn’t like to be alone , he loves your company. When they feel your company , they tend to lick your face because they feel  that you love them. Your dog is kissing you.

5.They really love you! When your dog starts to lick you , don’t push him away!  At least not every time your dog does , this is the main way your dog express love to you. Maybe some of you will hate the idea of a dog  licking your face because of bacteria, but these 5 reasons are why your  dog licks your face. The most important reason is love.

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