don’t pet your dog during a training session

don’t pet your dog during a training session

We often want to pet and scratch our dogs when they do something well.

❌BUT! You shouldn’t pet your four-legged friend when it is focused and working.

Even the most tactile-loving pets don’t enjoy being petted during training, when they are working hard, so they’ll even try to avoid your hand that is reaching out for them.

Imagine: you’re sitting and trying to wrap your head around a very complicated work project.

And there it is, eureka! The solution is just around the corner, you can almost grasp it, the only thing left to do is to formulate it properly.

And then all of a sudden, your significant other appears in the door and starts hugging and kissing you.

Will that make you happy?

Most probably, you’ll try to push them away, lest you lose your train of thought: all in good time.

During training, our dogs are doing just the same – solving problems, working hard, and they regularly reach this “Eureka!” moment.

Your genuine happiness, verbal praise, laughter and, of course, a delicious treat are all the best reward for this meticulous work that your pet is doing!

You can always pet your dog when the training session is over, and it will be delighted to enjoy your scratches 🐶.