socialization of a puppy: the rule of 12

socialization of a puppy: the rule of 12

The rule of 12 is all about the period of socialization for your puppy!

It goes like this:
By 12 weeks of age, a puppy should already be familiar with:
🐶12 different surfaces
🐶12 different people
🐶12 dog breeds
🐶12 types of sounds
🐶12 different rooms/places
🐶12 animal species
🐶12 means of transportation

Why is this period so important? Because the puppy is open to the world, and the more things we introduce to it, the more objects and phenomena it will see as friendly.

As in any other important task, it’s crucial to socialize your puppy in a proper way, keeping in mind that the puppy is still very little.

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