Feeding your dog well is a whole science of its own

Feeding your dog wrong is a sure path to various serious illnesses. 😖

Please, make sure to not feed your dog whatever is left from your meal or cooking, and of course try to never give them bad quality food.

Besides, there is a whole list of products that are a complete NO for dogs:
♦️Raisins and grapes
♦️Tea and coffee
♦️Smoked and fried food, sausages and salami
♦️Citrus fruit
♦️Ketchup and mayonnaise
♦️Canned corn
♦️Beans and peas
♦️Tubular bones
♦️Cat food

Products that are not recommended:
🔸Peaches and plums
🔸Milk and cream
🔸Bread and pasta
🔸Fresh cabbage
🔸Baby food

Take care of your furry angels!🐶

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