Golden Retriever Got Dog Braces And He’s A Lot Happier With

Dog Braces
Dog Braces

Golden Retriever Got Dog Braces And He’s A Lot Happier With It Than Most Teens

Written by: Sally Nassar
Dogs and humans have a lot of things in common, they need regular check ups, special attention as well as their need for dentists! In our story, Wesley the cute pup’s bulging choppers wouldn’t allow him to close his mouth properly. Luckily enough, this 6 month old young pal -that lives in Spring Lake with his mom Molly Moore- was blessed enough to be surrounded by the right people, his owner’s father is a hard working veterinarian who works for Harborfront Hospitals for animal welfare, Dr. James Moore, the great Pup’s Dentist! Dr Moore, came up with the brightest idea of all: Dog Braces! Sounds cool, right?

Wesley’s painful condition is identified as malocclusion -according to medicine- in simple words, it means that his teeth won’t fit restfully when he closes his mouth.

” Wesley struggled to chew on his food, refused to play with his toys as the pain grew bigger lost a big chunk of his weight as he couldn’t eat properly..” Molly Moore, the pet owner’s words.
The great news is: Charming Wesley won’t have to stay in the shade for long, in a few weeks he’ll be joining back his feline buddies to have some real fun!
The hospital shared two of the pup’s pictures on social media giving center stage to his cute smile. Wesley is poles apart from modern teens who wear braces, he isn’t shying about his new doodads even for a single bit, he’s actually showing it off proudly! He’ll be having the picture-perfect bite in some few weeks! Have a look at his spectacular toofers!
” I really didn’t expect this reaction at all! He’s on very good terms with his braces, such a blissful little chap,” said his mom.

On National Pet Dental Health -that takes place every February- Harborfront Hospital shared Wesley’s photo that harvested 283K+ likes on Facebook and more than 288K shares just in a few days.

Still think braces are ugly? Guess not anymore!

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