Here are some tips to ensure that you are walking your dog SAFELY and PROPERLY!

Written by: Sally Nassar
1. Use A Short Leash
We know that longer and retractable leashes sound cool -especially for your dog- but the truth is, they are not safe and decrease your level of controlling while walking your dog. So, the next time you go shopping for your pup, go for a short leash.

2. Walk In Front Of Your Dog
Your dog needs to understand that you are the leader of his pack, subsequently, he should NEVER take lead on the walk. By walking in front of your dog, he understands that you are the leader and that you are in full control. Make sure that he’s either walking beside you, or following your foot steps.

3. Stay Focused
When you decide discovering a new land, try and minimize any distractions to your dog, those fellas effortlessly get distracted. Our advice to you will be to try and stay focused in case any obstacle comes your way.

4. Choose The Proper Equipment
Now this is a very important point! As mentioned earlier in this post, a short leash is a great tool to stay in control, but how about a collar versus a harness? Check with your local pet store which is the best option for your dog, depending on his breed and size.. Find him the perfect accessory.

5. Film The Dog Walk
It’s always a good idea to video tape you while you’re walking your dog. This helps you see your areas of development like your posture, reactions to your dog’s misbehavior, whether you’re being tensed holding onto the leash, etc.. This is what you should be looking for in order to take corrective actions. You can always ask your friend or your family member to give you a hand on this mission.

So, set this month’s plan to work on this subject and please SHARE these handy tips with your friends and fellow dog owners and lovers.

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