A Golden retriever dog named Asha came back to her family on a cold morning in Australia with something they didnít expect at all. She had a little, furry animal with her and the family was stunned when they saw what Asha had with her.

Golden Retriever Rescues  Baby Koala in Australia in the Night |

The dad quickly called out for his wife, Kerry McKinnon, to come to take a look. She immediately came downstairs and was completely amazed by what she saw; a little Koala hanging on her dog as if her life counts on it.

Golden Retriever Rescues  Baby Koala in Australia in the Night |

Kerry said that their poor dog looked a bit guilty and had such a confused look when Kerry came out to see what was going on, she also added that Asha’s expression was hilarious and that she burst out laughing.

The family thinks that the koala was lost from his family and felt safe with the dog, especially with the fires and the 41-degree Fahrenheit nights at their areas. But, no one is sure about how exactly they became together.

The family was confused and didnít know what to do with the baby koala since they had no experience or awareness with koalas before. One of the family members, McKinnon, said that they wrapped the baby koala in a blanket, it hissed at them and they thought it would have been happy if it just slept there all day.

They finally took the koala to a vet after a while and they told them that little Joey was fine and healthy. They made sure nothing was wrong with it, and then they took it to a koala caretaker who will take good care of little animals who arenít ready to be out into the wild like Joey.

Asha was there for the little koala when it needed her, she was the only hope for it. You can also help the whole country of Australia.